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Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Essentials/ Uniform

Style? Depending on my mood or day its Rocker Chic, Trendy, Over the top,  Minimal, A no make up look (but love dewy skin and a red lip), Cheap Comfortable High heels (Don't wear often) love real jewelry yet when in a mood will wear costume.

Most Worn?  I have a uniform on week days, even though I am an Artist (no uniform required), v-neck tees only black, white, grey, and navy blue with skinny jeans during Fall/ Winter I just switch up the accessories.

Favorite? White Fur Rabbit bought from Wilsons only $50 years ago. I wear it like its a jean jacket even though it sheds a lot and has a hole in the arm.  Dress from Charlie Jade go to for special occasions. I have one for summer as well. Love the fit and unique details.

Necessities? Wedding ring and hiding the tummy (love the high waist trend)

Star sign? Cancer
Occupation? Artist/ Blogger


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