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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rainy Day In LA

This is the day and life of me waking up with the kids this morning. It was raining so of course we got a chance to put on our rain boots. Ndey, my oldest, always is on her own with her fashion and is sticking to her sparkle boots instead of rain boots and declines on wearing a rain coat. I wake the kids up, make breakfast, get them dress (or in Ndey's case dresses herself), take them to school, visit Hubby at his gym, hangout a while, and go to the grocery store. I do not really get dress until later in the day, when I have to pick up the kids and that's when I do all my errands or other things of the day. I usually post my blogs in the morning before the kids wake up and sometimes depending on me it carries on to breakfast time.  My favorite nail polish right now is OPI grape fit. And that is just the beginning.


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