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Monday, December 10, 2012

Being A Mom

Its amazing how I get the kids dressed, active, and busy while all still thinking about fashion, art, and creativity (And trust me I do think about those things all the time). I truly believe that my kids should be able to dress themselves and wear what they want to express themselves.  However if they decide to wear bootie shorts in the summer, then I must veto their decision or suggest Ndey to put on tights under, or if Cash decides he wants to wear a basketball Jersey that is totally stained  with holes everywhere, then sorry Cash it's a no go. Hunter well she tries to wear her shoes on the wrong foot and most of the time I just let her.  But they have a lot of power over their looks like if Ndey wants to cut her hair. I am getting the clippers, if Cash decides he is not wearing spiderman clothes anymore I sadly put the spiderman clothes in a bag for Goodwill, and if my little Hunter-Love decides to not wear pink anymore.........well we will address that when or if that day ever comes. 



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