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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

 My Christmas is a very full day. First the kids wake up really early opening presents, then I make a breakfast for family visitors...Grandpa and Auntie. After being stuffed we beautify ourselves in our best because Mommy (me) loves to get dressed up for the holidays. We are off to my Mom's for more family, fun, and food. We do a secret Santa, joke, tell the latest stories, and catch up. Then last to Grandma Lisa's where she loves to spoil the kids and I am basically on my last wind. It's is the longest day of the year for me...tops  
1. Family Portrait...we do every year.
2. Best Turkey I had so far
3. Daddy and Hunter in deep conversation
4. Ndey with her new gift (cuff earring)
5. Hunter opening her presents
6. Lucky's gag gift
7. Auntie Kira on IChat
8. Decor at Grandma Lisa's
9. Cousin Lele helping Cash
10. Mahri well dressed with a well dressed tree
11. Ndey on the catwalk
12. Cash Christmas Morning
13. Tommy and his girl
14. Best Hubby Ever!


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