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Monday, December 17, 2012

What's in my Purse

I am a mother of three so this purse changes and sometimes has other things in it such as snacks, random toys, and sometimes my son's jacket. Other than that it carries the things that I need on the daily. My purse changes like my style, I can not commit to one purse only. Sunglasses are prescription, Sketch pad for ideas and of course art, coin purse Hello Kitty given to me by my daughter, favorite lipstick (Ruby Woo), Dior (475), Burts Bees, Sunscreen, Camera, Kindle Touch, Hobo Wallet (I had it for over 7 years) IPhone, Itouch (for kids and music), Lip balm, and Nars Albatross because I love to look dewy, and flats from Target (I must carry flats when I wear heels)

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