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Thursday, January 24, 2013

First Bike Ride

 You would have thought that Hunter's first bike ride would have been amazing but it was a total failure. First problem was my fault. I decided to do it ten minutes before nap time. (Don't ask me why). Second was a secret motive Hunter had for a while apparently. She wanted a bike for Christmas to ride all the way to her Daddy's gym, which is something we do in the summer and Hunter rides in her chair on my bike. The gym is 7 blocks away. When she was headed to the elevator and I told her we are just riding around our complex she started yelling she wanted to ride it to the gym. (The look of shock on my face). Last problem was that she is a few inches too small for the tricycle, I should have bought the one with the adult handle to push that is attached to the back of the bike. We will try another month, maybe she will grow. Until then she will ride around inside her room and the living room. At least she loves her red cowboy boots.


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