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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Good Old Plaid

Okay I had this dress for years. I got it for 9 dollars from a line called Bitten. It was created by Sarah Jessica Parker. It no longer available. I love the dress and had it in black velvet and I am sad to say I gave it to the thrift shop because I needed to make room in my closet. Regrets. Well I love my hats and after getting all dolled up I felt I had to add my plain baseball cap. Ndey (my oldest) said it was a no, no, but I love it. The boots are a new purchase from Shoe Dazzle for only $20. I mean! One sad note is that you have to have shoe cushions. I ordered some from Amazon because I love heels and affordable or high end they all hurt.
Necklace was a xmas gift, watch Micheal Kors, Bracelet LA Fashion District.

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