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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hoodies and Us

This is us after school and running errands around LA. We had to go to several go two places to get Ndey's favorite things for her birthday party this weekend. She loves nails so there will be plenty of nail art. And when I say nail art I mean Ndey is on that Lady Gaga level when it comes to nails. She will put anything on her nails as long as it works for her, and I mean anything.  Well that's another blog post. Today it was Party City, Sally's, Fashion District, and my favorite the 99 cent store. We did all this in our hoodies, which we both love. It's cold for us in LA so we rush for long sleeves and hoodies until the sun goes away. Ndey is wearing her hoodie from (IDK) don't remember, tshirt store?, jeans from Old Navy, shoes are Dr. Martens. I am wearing Husband's hoodie $20 from Fashion District in LA, Target jeans, Retro Jordans. I had these Jordans since 8th grade not sure if they are the original but I only got them for  $20 and I thought the store was joking when they told me the price.

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  1. I love these fits on you two! Her purple boots are way cute too!



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