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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Youngest

This is who I spend most of my time with daily. She does not go to preschool yet and she refuses to be with strangers. (who could blame her) I will be so sad when she starts preschool but she will be 3 soon and it is part of life, change. She is totally in charge of our schedule, when to take a nap, when we have to leave, what time to run our errands, and on and on. She is the youngest of my three and the constant reminder that it is over or there is always change in life. I don't want her to grow up. She is my Hunter Love. It is amazing how I have three kids and they are completely different, in looks and in personality. Sometimes I look and them in awe on how life works. Hunter is very serious when she feels it is time to be serious, she is a classic Taurus (stubborn), loves her family, plays with Cash (her brother all the time), and thinks Ndey ( my oldest) has some power because she tells on Cashy (that is what she calls him) to Ndey. Ndey likes that Hunter thinks she has power so Ndey always pretends to punish Cash. Hunter is addicted to Minnie Mouse, loves ballet, and dressing like a princess. So see why I am going to be sad when the day comes when she decides not to wear pink. GASP! So I am capturing the moment in all my kids because I must embrace change and life.
  I am trying to master photography so these are pictures of me trying to care more and after some lessons on youtube.


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