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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Years Eve with Tradition

New Years Eve is the same every year with us for the past few years. We go to a family fun restaurant and eat whatever we want. That includes desert, fun drinks, and just things we always wanted to try. After that we hang around where ever we eaten. So this year and last year it was the Grove so we ride the trolley, get some candy, look at the pretty lights, and window shop. The Grove has become a magical place for my family because we built our family two blocks from the Grove years ago (lived down the street) and watched it grow from just a few stores to this LA hotspot. We have a lot of memories in the miracle mile area and the Grove itself. It is a great place for people watching and great entertainment as well at the Grove alone. It's a family place for all ages and just pretty to look at overall. The Grove is one of MY GO TWOs places to go in LA.
Family Resolutions:
Mine: Do more Art, Improve Health, and Blog
Ndey: Improve in Reading, and play with all my Christmas toys
Cash: Go to Hollywood and Big Bear.
Hubby: Spend more time with Wife (I didn't make him say that lol)
Hunter: Play with my Minnie Mouse

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