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Monday, February 18, 2013

Ndey's Birthday

This is really an overdue post. When my oldest turned 11 I was so sick I was unable to get everything done on my list. After preparing for the party when it was time to have the party I was too sick to actually take pictures and fully participate in all the fun. The party took place the day before the Superbowl  so lets say I didn't get to see Beyonce concert (halftime show) until two days later. Anyway....it was a real Ndey party. Everything she loves. Face painting (she really wanted makeup), Japanese art nails for everyone, and henna tattoos. She had a blast. On top of that her father customized her birthday outfit (He is a designer). She told him she wanted an outfits she saw on Rihanna and he created just that with the number 11 on it  (her age). It was an all girl party and thanks to me have great family and friends Ndey was able to get everything she wanted. Thanks to Diana, (an hip, Mexican, Martha Stewart, she throws a party like how she dresses hip and cool and much more.) she did the face painting (the pictures do not show all that was done due to me being sick...sorry), Holly did everyone's nails (again if I took a picture of all of the designs you would fall out, she is that good...check my instagram for some of her designs), and Amahri for the henna tattoos (we still have more henna and we wait for Amahri to come over to get more tattoos ) And Ndey loved all her presents but I have my eye on a cheetah print backpack that our cousin gave to her. Too cute.

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  1. HBD to your daughter! This reminds me that I want to get some henna on my feet #random. I hope she had a good time!



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