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Monday, February 25, 2013

Ombre and Chucks

 I decided that I needed to be more creative with my style like I was in college and high school. I am not going to run and get what's in front of the store or buy the latest trend while spending hundreds of dollars to stay fashion forward. I remember when I was younger and I did DIYs to make my clothes fit the trend or to update them. I am going to think out the box and shop in the sale section, go to the thrift stores, and do DIYs to update my wardrobe. This is a touch of what my daughter and I did this weekend. Ombre jeans. My shirt is from Fred Seagal (old) and hers is (thrifted). My Jeans are F21 and hers are Gap. Her Chuck lookalikes are DIYs  and my chucks are a gift from hubby (costume design). Purse is Balenciaga and is 7 years old. Ndey's jacket is abercrombie. My head band is actually a scarf and was a gift (hand made).


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