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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Real me Well Dressed

I am a regular person who happens to be an artist, love creating things, love fashion, and die hard blog fan. But with all that I am also a mother and a wife first. My priority is my family right now. And behind the scenes of blogging this is a glimpse of what my real life really looks like on a regular day. I go around the kids' and husband's activities and life. So with that said I have to deal with bad lighting, sometimes chip nail polish, and or bringing a pair of flats.The truth is that I care how I look everyday unless I had lack of sleep. So I try my best to take a picture of what I am wearing and if there is a cool spot to take a picture my daughter and I will hop out of the car and take a lot of pictures. If I don't have my canon then its my trusty iphone.
 Most of my pictures are taken by my daughter, Ndey, who loves art and photography as well. I teach her everything I know and have considered even getting her Photoshop on her laptop, because she is that good.
My skirt (I love it) Charlie Jade, Shirt (H&M), Bra (Nordstroms) Shoes (Target), Necklace ( Fashion District in LA) and Belt (Vintage).

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