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Monday, March 4, 2013

Art with my Girls

Television off, music on blast, pjs, and complete concentration. That is how an art session is created at our house. The girls are always down to draw, paint, or create with me. Ndey received some pastels for her birthday so we decided to use them. I did not attend school for art, so since I am self taught we have to do lessons on google and youtube and then apply them. I have only used pastels when I was younger and decided that I only liked oil paint. But now I love using all media so here we are using Ndey's art supplies. She learned not to draw detailed art when using the blocks forms because she wanted to draw hair and eyelashes and that was a no go. Maybe next time we will get pastel pencils. Hunter only used pencils because she felt the pastels were too messy and then she decided to add water and ripped her picture all while dancing with it. (Its more about the process for her not the actual art...lol) so that is why she does not have a picture of her finish product. Our art session did not last long maybe 20 or 30mins. I was doing laundry in between while taking pictures.

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  1. Love the drawing with the girls. Your daughters are very talented!


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