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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Blue Jeans All Day

I wanted to wear all blue jean today. My daughter Ndey was not a fan, neither was my cousin but if I dressed to please everyone else I wouldn't be myself. So here it is. I just got these shoes on super sale for 20 bucks from ShoeDazzle. I got the jacket from the thrift store, Jeans from Target, shirt from H&M. My necklace was a gift from my good friend and is my son's favorite necklace. I was praying all day it wouldn't rain because I did not want my new shoes to loose any glitter. LOL


  1. I really don't know why this post doesn't have 100 comments because yo deserve it! I found your blog via blackfashion on Tumblr and this look is so interesting and chic! You should submit to blackandkillingit.com if you haven't already, sincerely, your newest follower :)
    Also following on Instagram

    1. Thanks Brenda I will look into blackandkillingit.com


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