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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hello Spring

I have been sick and this is day 3 but I think it's the end. I am happy it's spring and this is my favorite dress. I mean talk about a go two this is it for me. I wear this dress every time it's a wedding, last year for Easter, and to a baby shower. Each time with different shoes, jackets, and purses. I said goodbye for now to my knee high black suede boots and hello to my new heels from Target. They are perfect because one I have been obsessing over them when I saw Rihanna wear them everywhere and then saw a pair on Solange. I knew I had to have them and they are at Zara but I refuse to go over a certain price when there is a trend. I saw them on ebay and was just deciding what color should I get but while at Target I saw them glowing in the corner yelling my name.* GASP!* And they are not one color so they made the choice for me. My dress is Charlie Jade, Blazer Laundry by Shelli Segal, and my purse is just my go tow small all year purse (not a Balenciaga, but real leather had it for years).


  1. I wish Chicago would give us a little Spring, hopefully by mid April I can expose a toe, geesh at least one and put the boots away!! Love the look and the shoes, WERK!!


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