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Monday, March 18, 2013

Love of Gray

I had Rihanna's Stay song in my head all day long. I mean I am playing it right now as I post this blog. My cousin says I wear too much gray. She said it a day that I had on gray from head to toe, then said it again when I purchased four gray sweaters in one haul. I started to realize that this may be true. However it will not change me due to the fact that I love it. I never thought I had a favorite color but maybe gray is my favorite color. The shoes I had for....gosh 10 years from payless. I remember paying 40 bucks thinking that it was too much and payless was no longer payless. But I guess you can say I got my money's worth. Pants are thrift, tshirt from Target, sweater thrift, sunglasses prescription. You may think I have influenced my daughter but she has several favorite colors and not one of them are gray.
PS my sketches are not apps they are actual sketches that I draw. (Wish it was an app...lol)


  1. Your fellow BLM Girl here... Love your style! And your daughter is a beauty & a model in training! You have amazing drawing skills!



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