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with Danyell Mahoney


Monday, March 11, 2013

Quickly Stripes

This was such a quick photo session. I was running late everywhere today. The time change took a toll on me. I was behind and rushing everywhere. I got dressed in a hurry, ran errands in a hurry, rushed the kids, and cooked dinner really fast as well.  Poor kids. This outfit was a no effort outfit. I mean I am in love with my blazer (thrifted) and I am ready to wear it like a new fur coat. So get ready you guys. I am also a repeat offender. I will wear the same shoes, pants, purse, whatever because I am a real person and I may just love that item so much that I say screw your rules I am wearing this again. Also I didnt even have time to put on my lipstick....GASP!


  1. Honestly, the best outfits are usually the ones that was last minute or had no effort. I really like this look. LOVE your oversize blazer! Cute heels and necklace, too.


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