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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Black and White Series: part 1

 First of all if you did not know black and white is so in right now. So I decided to do a black and white series and this is part 1. Please do not get bored with me it should be somewhat interesting if you find me interesting in the first place...lol. I have not put too much thought on how I would pull the series off but that helps me be creative...the not knowing part. Ok other news I just got a new computer, thanks to the best Hubby ever. He gifted me with a Mac desktop (that is so amazing). I feel like I am working on a flat screen tv. Anyway I am a pc girl so this is a very new journey. You know how you get a new cell phone and you can not even figure out how to add someone to your contacts. Well that is me right now. Everything is new editing pictures, video editing, and even simple things like uploading pictures. So please be patient. I have to adjust every creative energy that deals with technology. But I am so excited. My dress is Bianca Nero, shoes from Target, and lipstick ruby woo.



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