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Monday, April 15, 2013

What we Wear Family Style

 Spontaneous photo op with the family. My Husband is always busy so when he said he didn't have a client and I had my camera I got so excited. So just so everyone knows everyone in this family has different styles and is in charge of creating their own image all on their own. Baby Hunter grabbed her rain boots just cause and loves wearing dresses and tutus. Ndey, the oldest, chooses her outfit based on her newest trend or what she dreamed of the night before. I love her style she loves a DYI  and wearing them. Cash, the son just grabs what ever and loves long socks with shorts. Lucky, Hubby loves his Jordans. (how does that go when he is a boxer, oh! get jordan boxing shoes). And me well just look at my style on the this blog to figure me out.


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