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Monday, May 27, 2013

Hashtag Memorial Day

Had an impromptu BBQ with some family members. Very relax day and all day at the pool. I wish I had my under water camera, I left at my hubby's gym, maybe next post.  Kept looking on instagram and saw 100 hashtags of Memorial Day so why not add to the craziness with a blog post.  My sister is a photographer and disagrees with my blurry pictures on this post but it goes with my relax theme of the day. Love you Kiki!
1. Me in my bathing suit
2. Mahri with her plate
3. Eating after turning off the pit.
4. Kiki's puppy, Taxi.
5. Baby Hunter
6. Nephew Bryce walking backwards into a pool
7. Holly drunk
8. Me with no makeup
9. Lele underwater
10. Andy Dandy Buttercup of course!



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