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with Danyell Mahoney


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mac Overwhelmed

If you had only really known my week with my new computer. You would know how technology can really change my life. I was so happy and so overwhelmed at the same time. Being a PC girl my whole life, you forget how much right clicking is a necesity or where is the alt button. I have had this love and hate relationship with the computer. I love the newness, the speed, its beauty, the apps, but not its other mac parts. I don't even know how to save pictures on here. It is surely a learning curve and I feel like I am 70 learning the kids' new technology. Anyway besides all that I have not had time to take pictures. I have been focusing my time on editing  videos and my poor art have been so on the back burner. It will all soon come for the better. I have on Marc Jacobs Jacket, Jeans Thrift, Shoes ShoeDazzle.
If you follow me on instagram you already know this is the device that have been taking over my life right now. 



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