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Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

 For Mother's Day the greatest Husband in the world treated my mother and me to a massage and a facial. After that my Mother and I had lunch at a cute Italian restaurant. The morning started off with my husband making blueberry waffles (my favorite) with fruit and white eggs, with green tea. (I train him well, LOL) The kids of course were so excited to give me my handmade school gifts. I have to frame Ndey's art piece it will be worth money one day. Now I have to get back to reality of being a mom, my one day off is way too short. Random thought......There should be a Husband day! Also my daughter, Ndey, begged me to wear this jumper today. I felt it was way too dressy for a massage and facial but what can you do, she thinks I'm a diva.


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