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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cat Eye Summer

Ok I am in love with my new sunnies. I may wear them everyday. I love that they were 1. cheap, 2. very trendy (which if they go out of style who cares because of number 1), 3. something I do not own. Now since they are a great summer color they may clash with my favorite Ruby woo Lipstick (red) so that means that I must buy them in black. At least that is the reasoning I justified with my hubby on why I must have them in every color.  Only 8 bucks and I put them in my Chanel sunglass case ( I mean I value them more). So here is my Cat Eye summer. Tank Target, Pants f21, Purse Marc Jacobs, shoes Via Spiga, Belt Thrifted, earrings gift from Mom.


1 comment

  1. I love those glasses. I think cat eye glasses are timeless and chic. Such a cute outfit too. Effortless style. You look beautiful.


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