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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ndey Graduates

My oldest graduated two weeks ago and talk about an exciting moment. She graduated from 5th grade and I know some may think that may not be a big deal especially Moms who have kids graduating from High School or College but its a big deal to me. She is my first, my baby, my Minnie me, my 3rd to my whole (3 kids). Every new step for her is a new step for me. Now we she is going to attend junior high school. She is already trying to walk to school by her self, text on her cell phone instead of converse with me, and well isn't that enough already. I am so excited that she is getting older and yet so sad that she is growing up. I 'm glad I have this blog to keep up with all our family memories. I tried not to cry when they honored the moms and our hard work by giving us a white flower. I love her. NDEY

Side note I was very angry when we found out that the 5th grade student body all had to wear their class T-shirts for the graduation. We had a whole vision for her outfit. URGGGGGHHH!!!

1. Ndey's Class shirt
2. Cousin Mahri and Hunter
3. Hunter amazed at the sight of Ndey's Grad Balloon
4. Aunty Holly (so photogenic)
5. Mahri's inappropriate shirt to a kid graduation..LOL
6. Me and Cash being silly.
7. After ceremony Cash and Ndey.
8. Holding back tears.
9. My Ndey leaving elementary.


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