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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Bday plus July 4th

Some may know and some may not know that July 5th is my birthday and I always celebrate it on the 4th. I tell the kids the fireworks are for celebrating the birth of their mother and most of my good friends actually think my bday is on the 4th which does not bother me at all. I love having the kids dress in red, white and blue because I love holidays. So know that the kids will be dressed for Halloween, Valentines, Easter...you get the point. I always wanted to go to Catalina for years and it's really just an hour away by boat so why not go for the 4th. We did not take the kids even though Catalina screams family fun. But trust me they had a blast at Grandma Lisa's house. My hubby and I actually started our relationship around my bday so you can say it is somewhat an anniversary as well. I had a blast, besides my Husband trying to get me wasted non stop for two days, learning that he is a horrible camera man (he doesn't even know how to work my camera), and he gets sea sick to the point that he thought we may have to take a helicopter there, it was all worth it, I had fun, and it was a must needed break. Thank you Lucky for everything he is the best husband ever. Oh and also he paid for us to have our private lounge on the boat ride.


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  1. You are so gorgeous! and the photos are amazing!



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