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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Me an Artist?

For years I did not consider myself an artist. I thought everyone could draw like this because sometimes I just draw what I saw. Another reason I didn't consider myself an artist was because it was something my twin brother was gifted at since we were young. He sketched everything when we were young, pictures of me sleep, him looking in the mirror, gansta letters, cars, just life. My parents even enrolled him in an art program when we were young. I always wondered what my gift was and I use to ask my mother all the time when I was around 10, because I did not realize I knew how to draw until 10th grade. We took an art class for summer school and the teacher made us draw several random things; cans, shoes, teddy bears, etc. The first thing I ever sketched in life was a teddy bear and I sketched it with ease. The teacher looked at the sketch and he was the first person to ever tell me I was a true artist. I didn't believe him I had to look at the other students in the class to see that something that I thought was so simple was so difficult for everyone else, except my brother who did the sketch in 10 seconds and made it a cartoon character, with funky letters that said BEAR and a shaded background as well. I looked perplexed but remember being so happy and validated for something that I so unaware of, me having a natural talent. See my brother, when we were young, was always an artist who can draw without looking at something, straight from the brain. I could not do that. I had to actually look at  something and put it on paper. Which the teacher explained was a great talent for an artist. After that I started drawing every magazine cover (fashion) I could put my hands on. Tupac's death was so big in my community that my first Tupac's picture was the first time that I actually made some cash on art. When I got a little older my father had a friend who was an artist and he gave me  and my brother private lessons. He taught me lessons that I still use now. He also said I had a gift over and over and over again. And secretly told me I was better than my brother.   Part of me still looked up to my brother because he has mastered forming art from his brain without even looking at something and also mastered sketching from looking at something. He also draws a lot more than me. I have to be motivated. And I am too infatuated with faces and fashion. He draws everything. He also took classes in college. I just continue to educate myself from youtube. After graduating from college majoring in Africana Studies and attending graduate school for MFT (Clinical Psychology) nothing in Art, I moved on to oil paints and other medians but just never thought I could make a career of it. It still takes me back after so many years when someone says you are such a good artist. My biological father found out that I had a gift and purchased my first easel and paint brushes.  I have an off and on relationship with art because sometimes I hate drawing for others, or get bored with just pencil and paper and need to sketch on canvas, or computer. I still get shocked by the thought that I am an artist. By the way the art piece above was done on my iPad (first time really doing a piece on my iPad) I need to purchase a stylus because my finger tips are burning. So I can't finish the piece maybe I will fix some of my mistakes tomorrow. I must announce that this not an app. I never used an app for any of my art on my blog. It was from my pure talent. Me having the gift of art. I want to be discipline with my art and do it everyday like Kat Von D, and take my time sometimes with some pieces. Goals I am setting for myself right now. 
Now I put all my lessons from life and gifts on to my oldest daughter and watch her with her gift from such a young age like my brother.




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