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Friday, July 12, 2013

Mom, Diva, Art, and Wife

1.  Me leaving dinner.
2. My stuff on my vintage desk.
3. Hunter unpacking from July 4th weekend.
4. Cash giving his Ali motivation speech to the family.
5. Hunter' s itouch
6. Cash's first football helmet and trophies.
7. Baby Hunter
8. Aunty Nikki's Bday...Cancer sister.
9. Hunter being a Ham.
10. Hunter and her elevator life.
11. Cash still giving his speech and now louder.
12. Golnesa and Ndey
13. Hunter and Me.
14. Hunter, sorry she is so cute.
15. Hunter being a super Ham.
16. Ndey and her art #Heels.
17. Me and Khroma lipstick.
18. All of Rihanna's lipstick from MAC
19. Hunter testing her dress to see if it is twirl able.
20. Art by me.
21. Hunter sleep on Cash's bed.
22. Ndey creating more art.


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