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Friday, August 2, 2013

Grown Woman

The past few days I officially realized that I am grown. I hung out with some college friends and caught up with old friends and heard real grown up issues happening to a lot of people in my past. Marriage, kids, divorce, health issues, death, life. All that I thought happens to grown ups are officially coming into my world.  Even eating healthier has become important to me because of my age and the fact that I becoming curvy. Watching my oldest grow before my eyes with her cell phone and her tween friends on instagram.  On top of all that I worked out to Beyonce's new song this morning Grown Woman and I had an Ah Ha moment... I am 34, married for going on 8 years, with 3 kids, with life stories,  it is official I am Grown Woman. 
1. my new form of sweats Caftan.
2. seeing that Topshop is too expensive.
3. Ndey getting food from Wholefoods.
4. my new H&M swimsuit
5. Hunter always demanding to press the elevator button.
6. me trying the Tracee Ellis Ross, no make up just lipstick..Riri Mac Heaux.
7. Hubby getting water 
8. Hanging with Hunter at the pool.
9. At the grove in LA
10. unloading food 
11. Sadie and Ndey at the pond.
12. Bathing suit shot again.
13. Cash wishing he was able to fit in the cart.
14. Hand and hand with Hunter at the grove.
15. Wholefoods Lunch.
16. Testing makeup for clients.
17. Kombucha my go two drink
18. Hunter and her hair.
19. Just again



  1. You better go ahead with ya grown self! Love all your pictures. You definitely inspire me to start carrying around my camera more and capturing life as it happens.



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