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Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend Soldier

This weekend I did a lot football game, book club, family errands, laundry, cleaning, all while maintaining my beauty .....well because we all know my priorities. I truly am a weekend soldier especially because I did it all while trying to maintain my diet (no gluten and no sugar) and with the heat 89 degrees. I say I deserve the title. Even though it is nothing new it happens every weekend. With all that said I got this dress last week too and I love it. The summer is about to come to an end and I thought this would be perfect to help me shut the summer down. All I need is a matching boat. PS woke up this morning and gave up the diet I really wanted a bagel.



  1. Love the dress! And I see Hunter's red boots are like Cash's firefighter rain boots lol.

  2. That dress is gorgeous!!!! I'm looking for something like that for my babyshower.

    1. Thank you Bubblee Brown, First of all congratulations on having a baby and I hope you have fun at your baby shower. I got my dress as a gift, its one of my favorite brands and it is called Charlie Jade and I know they carry the line at Anthropolgy and Saks 5th.


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