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with Danyell Mahoney


Monday, September 16, 2013

Courtesy Of......South Central LA

Perception is very deceiving, or image is very important. My lesson is still being learned. Several times this week I was told that someone was amazed or shocked that I graduated from Crenshaw, or they could not believe I was raised in South Central. To set the record straight:
I grew up with walks home having small lessons of translating graffiti, holding peers while crying when  discovering Tupac died, witness of three drive bys by myself atleast ten feet away, friends with both parents in the system, trained to sleep with the ghetto bird out all night, thinking a pet was only for guarding,   learning not to wear red, ice cream trucks drivers stopping for 5 cents, the normacy of weed in the air, the donut truck never stoping for kids only adults (maybe they didn't sell donuts), walks to the liquor store was an activity, stray dogs loose, ...........twerking was congratulated with little kids, culture, house parties, moms getting the holy ghost, riding the RTD (the 210, the 105), bbqs on Sunday in the air, Mexican music loud late at night, loud talking, laughter, family, kinship, life, experiences, love, I may live in West LA now but all of those experiences shaped who I am right now.....Courtesy of South Central LA  


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