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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Denim Diaries

 If my jeans can talk or at least write a diary the things they would say. I had these jeans for 10 years and I am happy that I can still fit them. I bought them for only 10 dollars at Fred Segal and was so excited because that was a time when everyone was wearing low waisted jeans.  The amount of jeans I own and keep should be against the law. Today I decided to de-clutter and that means get rid of all my old jeans that I don't wear. I have three huge bags in my trunk of hand me downs and 90% of my things (some from baby Hunter) are jeans. I decided to keep one pair, my first pair of Levis that cost me 200 bucks. They were the first pair of jeans that actually fit tight on me I was so excited because I was so skinny nothing was ever that tight on me at that age.  Some pairs I wore matching my Husband which I am sad to see those go because we were newly weds, and some were just fad jeans...True Religions, Antique, Seven Jeans, etc. I have to move on, grow up and just use pictures as my memories now


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