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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Lazy Labor Day

It was Labor Day of course yesterday and we did not go to the beach to celebrate the holiday. We actually went to the beach to celebrate my sister in law's, Holly, birthday. So it was Hollyday for us. We had fun, ate cupcakes, laid out, and because my brother had a lot of energy we (Holly and I) got very sandy. Holly and I go to Santa Monica beach all of the time and we have a routine and a way of doing things. We gossip, the kids play, while we never leave the blanket. Also there is one important rule....don't put sand on our blanket. With fun Uncle that rule goes out the door. Side note it was his idea to do the jumping picture....and we did it a million times. The kids had fun. And how lucky was I that my sister Kiki (professional photographer) was there to also take most of these amazing pictures.


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  1. It was a perfect day! Thanks for hanging out with me and I love my rings! I absolutely LOVE the picture with Daniel and Andy. I need a copy.


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