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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fall Festival Family Style

 We went to a Fall Festival which we try to go to every year. And the kids had a ball. We always go with the best Mother in Law ever, Grandmommy Lisa, Grandpa Dave, Aunty Kira, and Uncle TJ. The kids go crazy and run around as if they were raised in a jungle (big part due to grandparents loving to spoil the kids). It's crowded, there's food, entertainment, mayhem, noise, people, color, games, animals, toys, water, rock climbing, loudness, chaos, just about everything that makes a kids say oooooo when they walk in the front gate. Baby Hunter thought it was a bday party and demanded cake once we came through the gate. Cash wanted to play all the games but realized the best thing there were the bouncy houses, he stayed there for over an hour with Grandmommy Lisa as a partner in crime (lets just say you should have seen her hair every time she exited a bouncy house, so funny). Ndey wanted every beauty regiment she could find, i.e. pink hair, face paint, she even stated she wish they did nails. One thing they all agreed on loving was the petting zoo. After all the food, running around, games, pink hair, we got three fish. So three more part time family members. All I thought was, great another chore, but it brings the kids so much joy who cares. That's why I am here right.


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