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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Just Another Day

This is just a regular day. Usually if I dress cute I plan to take my camera and jump out somewhere to take pictures but today my daughter thought I was too cute or she just wanted to take pictures so I let her go ham. My daughter is into Jordans big time, rings, and beanies or bandanas. I actually just throw this on when I am in a rush and I don't feel like getting dress. My uniform is a white, black, or gray tee with skinny jeans or cut offs. The accessories always vary. So this is me in my stay at home Mom uniform. Just another day.
Side note I have 3 pairs of jordans which my daughter thinks its a crime I do not wear them everyday, I do not know the numbers or the name of the styles, and I recently turned down my husband's request to purchase me another pair which almost made my daughter really think I am out dated. (did I say she is 11 years old...fashion is her all) And quick art piece done by me.


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