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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Confidence is Contagious

 One thing I know about myself is that I do not lack confidence. I thought everyone was like this until my teen years when I discovered my friends questioning their looks or body type. It is so innate that when someone tells me that they are insecure about their looks it sounds like another language because the thought is so foreign for me that I get thrown off.  I could walk into a clothing store and try on a pair of pants in a size 4 and if it doesn't fit I assume the designer either messed up or has some weird sizing chart ( because I am a size 4). Or I could walk into a party and assume that men are going to think I am attractive. One time a person told me I was not attractive without me asking and I started laughing. I knew it was a joke. (If it wasn't then I feel sorry for them because only ugly sees ugly.) I promise television makes you think you have to get cosmetic surgery, you are too old, you're too short, too tall, too big, too small, or and more. I am none of the above. I am perfect. I am the right height, age, shape, shade, and size. I don't only know that I am beautiful outside but I also know that I am smart, and have master skills. And I am not just writing that I believe it. I will always believe it.  

And you should too.

(shirt Target, shoes Shoedazzle, and lipstick Nars Cruella)


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  1. Excellent! You have always been dope. Love your blog and creativity!


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