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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Love

 Another year done. I love Christmas but right before the day I am a mess. Running around, shopping for gifts, attending Christmas parties, creating a great recipe for the night before (Christmas Eve), and the morning of Christmas, checking to make sure we got everyone and everything on our list, organizing the gifts, wrapping the gifts, getting Christmas outfits, all while maintaining my cuteness throughout the whole process, you feel me. So by the time it is Christmas I have no worries, I look forward to a great breakfast (only fat unhealthy food) I cook in the morning, I only thing I can not let go is leaving the house a mess but I do let the mess it up really bad right before we get dress, then I enjoy myself at my Mother's house and let the kids do whatever they want and eat whatever they want. By the time I get to my Mother in Law's I can't wait for my glass of wine. Which is another reason why I love my Mother in Law because I think after 5 kids she knows and makes sure that I have my glass once I walk in the door. It is so exciting every year and its my favorite holiday because it deals with family, food, gifts, and another excuse to dress up.
Happy Holidays Everyone!


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  1. The Christmas celebrations were heavily influenced by our original Anglo-Celtic influences. The Indians in Australia English style of Christmas served as our model for celebrating Christmas.right down to the traditional roast turkey and steamed pudding in over 35 degree heat. Today with the huge influx of overseas migrants our Christmas celebrations are heavily influenced by the ethnicity of families involved. Common sense is prevailing today in terms of weather. Traditional dinners have been replaced with family gatherings in back yards, picnics in parks, gardens and on the beach.


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