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with Danyell Mahoney


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Masquerade Night

 This was my last big event besides Christmas this year. My little cousin, Amahri, turned 21 and now maybe officially I need to stop calling her my little cousin. I promise I do not stay up late and it took me two days to recover from lack of sleep. I am truly not young anymore. I realized that when I saw I was the only woman who did not wear a mini dress. Let just say my new thought is why show the goods when my husband is not around, where is the fun in that. I also had fun hanging out with my little cousin Lele (who I can still call little because she is only 16) her picture is right above. We had a blast and I was able to see family while dancing to great music. Only thing I would change was having it start at 2pm instead ending at 2am. I also know I am getting older when my little cousin Mahri is able to buy alcohol, go to the clubs, and hang out in Vegas. I guess I have to hand the young adult torch off to someone so...........Happy 21st Birthday Amahri!



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