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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

ThanksGiving Birthdays

Some of the food
 Dessert and third helping.
The Boys
                                                           Collecting Fall leaves for an art project.


                    What we saw once we got home (homemade bday card for my Husband on the door)

Thanksgiving shopping store number 2Birthday Boy reading his birthday cards
                                            Cake the kids made from scratch, for Daddy's bday....... it did taste good
                                     Prepping the kids on how to conquer Thanksgiving shopping.

The reasons why we had to blow the candles out.

                                   Waiting on my son Cash to go to store number 3 for Thanksgiving Dinner prep.

Big Sister little Sister

Ok every year we celebrate my Husband's birthday either on Thanksgiving or a few days before. It's a lot of activities for us as a family because we also host Thanksgiving as well. I just try to maintain my obsession with fashion, cleaning the apartment from top to bottom, create a great menu, grocery shop, cook, decorate, and make sure the family looks presentable. While in the back of my head I had Amahri (babysitter/cousin) have the kids make Daddy a birthday cake and great bday cards while we went out.  The cake was amazing.....did you see the picture.  Overall we had fun, created memories, spent time with love ones, and was able to get fat while doing it all.


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