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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Family Night Life

Every year we go out to the Grove in Los Angeles. We ride the trolley, eat at one of the restaurants and of course have a shopping spree at Dylan's Candy. Every year its magical because the Grove never disappoints, this year we got to witness snow come down and sorry I do not have a picture because it was real snow and I did not want to mess up my camera but really it was just so pretty that we just stared and the kids thought it was so special. I always thought in my true heart I am not a good blogger because sometimes I just want to enjoy life instead of wasting time recording it. All I was thinking that night, that moment, was how grateful I am to have my husband and my kids. I mean I really heard some happy, family,  theme song in the background as we watched the snow. We are all healthy, beautiful, and smart. I am truly the luckiest person in the world. We have fun out at night especially because we can really just enjoy each others company and for some reason we don't have that much stress. We are carefree. My family night life consist of laughter, getting dressed up, comfort, fun, enjoyment, and lots of love.



  1. I love this and your perspective. I often times find myself having the same thoughts of living in the moment without trying to hault for a snapshot with flash, the perfect pose, angle and background. Its too contrived!!! But I also love the celebration of pure family time and love. I say pure, and not simple, because I think the words simple or normal tend to belittle the beauty of people whose lives aren't being followed by paparazzi. Its all a celebration!!!!!

    Totally Obsessed xoxo Love


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