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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

LA Hot Winters

Trying to come down from my NYE celebration and I am excited that it is New Years today.  However if you live in Los Angeles then you will understand. It is about 75 degrees and it's suppose to be winter. The good is that I can go to the beach today the bad is when can I be high fashion and wear my nice peacoats, scarfs, boots, and great leather gloves. I know many of you are reading this shaking your head thinking really how lucky are you. But think if it was summer all year around for you? Really ponder for a while and then tell me if you might not complain just for one day. Oh also add to the fact that we still get dry skin during the winter no matter how much the sun is hot, bizarre right. No matter what I would not change it for anything because I really do love Los Angeles.


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