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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Vamp Life

 If you have been following me on twitter than you know I have been watching Vampire Diaries on Netflix. I have been determined to catch up for the upcoming new season. I will tell you now that I was hooked on twilight the book series and it brought me back to loving to read books. But now I get bored reading about vampires one series is more than enough. With that said I am addicted to Vampire Diaries something about not reading it.  I know everyone is into True Blood and maybe that should be more my speed, as an adult. But I am not ready, and I wish they could push up the wardrobe a bit on Vampire Diaries, hence this post but something about young adult, brainless, lovie dovie, entertainment......it sucks me in especially when its raining, and its that time of month. I have been watching maybe one episode a day and I would never admit to watching it without my preteen daughter but I do. Also I slightly get scared too so imagine True Blood. Whatever I am rambling. 
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