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with Danyell Mahoney


Thursday, May 19, 2016


I mean if you really care about your skin you would love to use these products.

 As an avid lipstick addict I have to keep my lips moisturized, and this is the best that I came across in the market and it also has natural ingredients.  Bite Lip Mask

I had a breakout a few weeks ago and decided to cut back on my skincare to see what new product caused me to breakout. Since I was only using my acne cream I stopped putting on my vitamin C serum. Talk about a difference. All my old acne scars would not go away until I went back to my vitamin C serum. Never again.

No lie but I saw this sunscreen on Kendal's app and bought it just because she was wearing it. I did not regret this purchase. Its the first sunscreen (Elta MD) that is actually clear and does not cause acne. New love.

Lastly I have been wearing this product for years. I have one in the car, purse, home, kids' rooms. Everywhere. It is a must have for me and I love it with makeup and without. I purchase it from Wholefoods. Glycerin and Rosewater by Heritage


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