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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

NYE, Grove, Rain, 2017

 Once a week I am going to show more of my private life. 

My youngest always loves to look at the diary section on my blog and loves to look at the vlogs over and over again. For a while I decided to be private but I realized that the blog is not just me and my makeup and fashion but has also become somewhat of a memory lane that I have created for my family and I have complete control on what I want to put out in the world. So for my New Years Eve resolution I decided I will once a week let you in on my personal life. This week we went to the Grove for New Years Eve, which is a tradition. We go to Dylans candy store, ride the trolley and now go The American Doll store. This year we could not ride the trolley due to the rain and my parents and my brother cancelled on us because it rained all day. But my husband was determined and we actually had a lot of fun. Happy New Years everyone. 


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