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Friday, June 2, 2017

Spring Favorites

1.  Peonies are the bomb fyi and they are selling at Trader Joes right now for 7$. 
2.  Just bought this book and it had me go mad for atleast 3 days, I have calmed down since then with my closet decluttering and pinterest pinning. But this book is a game changer. 
3.  Love these shades bought them years ago downtown LA. So they are cheap but they are perfect with my curly afro. 
4.  Its spring so you have to bring out the orange lip. Even though I wear it all year but this is a more subtle orange 03 by Tom Ford with a fancy name. 
5.  This is I guess a lip glow pomade but I put it on every time before I put on makeup. It just feels good.
6. Lastly this glow is extreme. If you want the instagram glow then this palette is perfect. My favorite is Glo Getter.


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