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with Danyell Mahoney


Friday, August 25, 2017

Let It Go

Sometimes you have to let it go...

Today I learned a valuable lesson. So I thought I would pass it on. Oprah, yes "the Oprah" said on one of her shows that God tries to tell you things all the time. First they come as whispers and if you fail to ignore them then they come like bombs. Lets say a bomb hit me this week, not just once but twice. However they not only hit me but gave me clarity. An awakening, as if an Angel came and enlightened me in a human form.  As in the words of Oprah an Ah Ha moment.  Being an adult is crazy because life lessons continue to come no matter how much knowledge I gain. So today I officially am letting them (problems, burdens, dilemmas, stress, negativity) go. I'm going to pay attention to whispers now, put it in God's hands, and I will focus on my grind and happiness. Back to your regular schedule program. 

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