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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Favorite Prescription Eye Wear

Some people think I have a large prescription eye wear collection.  But what can I say I love variety.  Here are my favorites....

 But first you need to see how I look without any glasses. Sad, lost, and most important blind

These pair are from Warby Parker. Affordable and trendy. Those two words sound so great together dont they?

These are my second favorite. If you know me then you know why they are my favorite. RED. Red is my favorite color so these are a must for my wardrobe. These are from EYE BUY DIRECT.

These are my everyday, classic go with anything pair of glasses. They fade from black to clear. So its a classic with a trendy twist. This pair with a cat eye and a top knot equals my kind of swag. 

This pair is also from Warby Parker as well.

This is the largest size glasses I own and every time I put them on I feel like my eyes have to settle a little bit. Also when I wear these I have to put makeup on my inner corner of my eye because without it it looks like my eyes are very close together. Eye Buy Direct

Because I wear jeans everyday I thought it was fitting to get a blue pair. However I tend to wear these with pink lipstick and pink clothes. Who would have thought



  1. These glasses are so cute.I love all of them.
    noi that o to | do choi o to |
    do choi xe hoi

    1. I know they are not only affordable but cute as well. Thanks


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