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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Stepping It Up

Stepping my game up, is my morning mantra now. 

This week I decided to actually make my hobby a job. Because I tell everyone that I am a stay at home mom they tend to not respect my hobby. So I decided to change my hobby into a job. So for now on I will start telling everyone I am a blogger and youtuber instead of stay at home mom. I will put it as a signature on my email. Give out business cards and when asked tell everyone I am a blogger.  I must admit I have not made any profit off of my "new" career yet but I know I will soon. Even though it does pay me in feeling full filled it does not pay monetarily.  However what you love doing will end up making you cash.  So I ditched happy hour with the friends, long phone convos with other stay at home moms, and most importantly binge watching netflix. And now I pour my hours into blogging, youtubing, and family. Lets see how this works. And hopefully you will see a big difference as well. 

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