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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Cheap, Affordable, and Low Cost

I am changing it up 

Yall I could not stick with a capsule wardrobe. It got sooooo boring. But at least I know its not for me.  So I moved on to another clothing plan. Affordable. I went shopping at f21, H&M, Lola Boutique, and Shiekh. Lets say all of my local affordable clothing / shoe stores. 

Lets face it thats how you become a baddie on instagram.

I asked my husband to pick an outfit out for me online. I gave him some links and he by passed jcrew and nordtroms website literally mygotwos and went straight to Fashion Nova and Simmi. 

 He like simple sexy. I got the hint and I am trying it out. Lets see if I can stick to it. 

Jacket F21
Dress F21
Shoes Shiekh

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