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Monday, January 8, 2018

Eat It All

Eat what I want kind of outfit.

I picked this outfit to wear for Christmas for only one reason. I wanted to eat whatever I wanted. And trust this outfit did fulfilled all my expectations. It covered the food baby just fine and I was comfortable at the same time. One of my Aunt's made greens, dressing, and mac and cheese. My other Aunt made this incredible pizza dip with garlic bread, and like every year my Mom had cornbread and fried chicken. This year's Christmas spread did not disappoint hopefully next year I will take a picture of it. Also before I even make it to my Mother's house I host a Christmas breakfast at my house. From homemade waffles, biscuits, bacon, hash browns, and more. I mean I can cook an amazing breakfast. With all that said the belly must be covered because I am going to eat. 


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